Batman Checklist – Now Live!

See every card from Batman!

MetaX’s fourth set, Batman, releases on June 29th – and you can see the full checklist here!


The majority of the set’s cards have already been revealed, but there are several remaining gems to be mined. Throughout spoiler season, we’ve investigated each new Trait from Batman:

Rogues Gallery has an affinity for Basic Battle Cards
-Detection and deck manipulation define the Bat Family
Arkham Inmates have sizzling effects, but require discarding your own cards
GCPD Characters are small, but can swarm
Heroes and Villains also received new theme support

Of course, any and all of these themes can also be mixed and matched with every other MetaX release – the deckbuilding possibilities are limitless!

Check back next week for photos of foil cards from Batman, and watch for our launch day celebration (including a giveaway)! We’d also like to thank the fansites that participated in previewing cards – be sure to follow them for more news and content about MetaX:


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