Batman Previews: Back to Basics!

See below for Rogues Gallery previews from Batman!

Batman is widely considered to have the best assortment of villains in all of comics. In the next set, iconic Batman adversaries will have one of three Traits: Villain, Arkham Inmate, or Rogues Gallery. Today’s previews take a look at the Rogues Gallery, which has an affinity for Basic Battle Cards.

“Heads you live, tails you die” – flip the top card of your deck for the chance to inflict direct damage! Though this effect requires running a high count of Basic Battle Cards, Two-Face still nets a card whenever you miss.

With robust Stats and the ability to stream Basic Battle cards endlessly, The Joker – Romantic can be seen as the boss of this tribe. However, he also has applications in any Rainbow build with Basic Battle Cards…

Catwoman – Burglar Extraordinaire has access to 13 different Battle Card combinations, and she’ll gain even more ammo in the form of new Multi-Stat Basic Battle Cards. If this effect picks your pocket just once, it can easily snowball out of control from there!

While not every Rogues Gallery Character interacts specifically with Basic Battle Cards, Mr. Freeze is an example of a reward for staying on theme. In nearly every attacking scenario, this effect will be able to freeze a key defender.

This disruptive ability may not find its way into every build, but it provides one of the most powerful tech options in the game for any Rogues Gallery lineup.

This is almost guaranteed to be seen in every mono-Rogues Gallery deck, as it replaces itself for 0 MP – while also putting a heavy dent into decks that rely on Battle Cards for their draw engine.

It may seem odd for a Basic Battle Card faction to receive a Joke’s on You on steroids, but any given list will always have some amount of non-Basics. Such as:

On its own, this can reliably act as 2 extra cards (while gaining MP). In combination with Crime Spree and a handful of other non-Basic Battle Card effects, this can lead to overwhelming card advantage.

Check back next week for a look at Arkham Inmates and the GCPD – plus Launch Kit details! Until then, you can find more Rogues Gallery Characters and other Batman previews on the following fansites:


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