Batman Previews: Who’s Bad?

See our last round of Batman previews below!

Batman releases on June 29th, and today’s batch of previews is the final showcase before the full checklist is posted on June 15th. Here’s a look at some of the new support for Heroes and Villains – including the last Ultra Rare of the set:

The Big Blue Boy Scout gains 0 MP, but more than compensates with a Triple Stat/Dual Rank 7 configuration. This effect evokes his invulnerability, and it works whenever you remove damage (such as discarding an attached Battle Card or returning an attached Battle Card to its owner’s hand). When combined with multiple Superman Characters and Man Beyond Tomorrow, this can generate a massive amount of card advantage!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Nightwing’s acrobatics allow him to deftly maneuver through the top of your deck, greatly increasing the quality of your drawn cards. This effect has positive interactions with numerous Bat Family themes, but it also provides an intriguing engine option for countless Potpourri builds.

This Hero variant of Harley has great synergy with Transfer of Power in certain Hero beatdown lineups!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Bruce’s effect is reliant on your opponent to trigger, but discarding a card is very common – and Batman’s prepared payoff is huge!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

The Joker – Unpredictable turns the board into complete chaos, enabling surprise attacks from your other Characters at any moment!

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

This set contains a paucity of Strength based Characters, but the interdimensional Bat-Mite brings a 7 Strength with the ability to shield Villains (including himself).

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Dr. Thomas Elliot is a master of disguise, and this effect grants the option to morph into any of your Characters that were lost to the VP Pile.

Infighting is primarily a tool for Villain decks to clear out their own Characters at no cost, but it also has tech applications in mixed builds.

Come back on Friday for the full checklist, and watch for our upcoming launch day giveaway! Until then, you can find additional spoilers and content here:


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