Batman Deck Tech: Active Mill!

See the latest Deck Tech submission below!

Most matches of MetaX are decided by a player accumulating 7 Victory Points – but running your opponent out of cards is another viable strategy. Generally speaking, slower “mill decks” are defensive and try to prolong the game. Today’s submission from Chris L. takes a more interactive approach, combining Black Lantern Characters with Hawkgirl:



Battle Cards:

This list does not rely on stall cards (like Paralysis), nor does it attempt to simply outlive the opponent (with something like Rebirth). Instead, the deck aims to leverage its significant Character removal effects to win through regular attacking – but not by gaining VPs!

While Batman and Nekron deplete the opponent’s deck, the likes of Green Arrow, Firestorm, and Zatanna can efficiently keep the board clear. Discarding 10+ cards from your opponent’s deck ultimately means nothing if they achieve the 7th VP before their deck runs out, but the inclusion of Hawk Girl makes this more than binary. As you preemptively destroy your options from your opponent’s deck, Hawk Girl (ideally targeted by Conceal) makes sure that they stay gone for good! Other cards to consider:

  • Battle Cards that maintain hand size (such as swapping in 1 Special or adding things like 3 Special or 3 STR/SP)
  • Birds of a Feather helps shrink your opponent’s deck, while also addressing some of your own card advantage issues
  • Dr. Fate for extra defense without being too much of a brick

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