Four for Friday: Comic Con Eve!

See below for more summer notes from Panini Games.

1) Con Promos

The San Diego Comic Con kicks off next week, and you can look forward to full coverage of the Panini Games booth (#2447) – including photos of the exclusive promo cards.

2) Gen Con Saturday

Aside from multiple Sealed tournaments, we’ll also be running a constructed event on Saturday (max entry 32). While this event is not part of the overarching season of Organized Play, it will feature promo cards and other prizing at a higher tier than seen in the Sealed events – plan accordingly!

Details about promos and other specific prizing will be announced at a later date.

3) Organized Play

Though Gen Con is not a premiere event for the upcoming season of OP, it does signify the kickoff of things to come. In the very near future, be on the lookout for a full rundown of MetaX’s 2018 OP plan – and beyond!

4) Inclusive Exclusives!

Even if you’re not attending Comic Con, you’ll still have a chance to obtain these exclusive foil cards! Alongside news from the show floor, watch next week for information about your chance to win P10-BM Nightwing – Fearless Acrobat and P8-BM Catwoman – Thief.

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