Batman Deck Tech #3: Sagacious Strikes!

See this week’s Deck Tech submission below.

With Comic Con behind us, Gen Con is up next on the schedule! Keep in mind that Gen Con will feature daily Sealed MetaX events, as well as a Saturday constructed event (Saturday registration opening soon). Watch for a full breakdown of Gen Con prizes and registration information in the near future!

Gen Con will offer a first glimpse at the national metagame, and decks will continue to rapidly evolve throughout the first season of Organized Play. In a short amount of time, the early competitive environment will begin to take shape – with an endless capacity for creative deckbuilding! Today’s submission from Alex T. is a slippery Intelligence 7 brew that attempts to ignore opposing defenders:



Battle Cards:

The Character lineup’s devotion to Intelligence allows for a constant stream of evasive attacks, curving from the conditional 1 Intelligence and 3 Intelligence into the completely unstoppable 7 Intelligence.


Aside from these attacks, the inclusion of Ra’s Al Ghul (and Hush’s ability to potentially recur Ra’s) adds additional piercing potential to the deck’s Battle Cards. This efficient approach to attacking allows you to generate VPs while holding back some defenders, which can be a strong tactic in the midrange matchup. Certain control decks will be inherently weaker against this deck’s offensive strategy, and the overall high HP may help hold down the fort against aggro builds.

This list’s emphasis on Rank 7 Intelligence Characters grants access to unique effects like Machinations and 6 Intelligence, while the mono-colored Battle Card suite unlocks cheap removal in the form of Electrify. Disgraced has some tension with Ra’s, and this slot may be better spent on cheaper anti-aggro (or filtering) options. Other cards to consider:

  • Dynamic Duo: always online here, and allows toolboxing such as…
  • Spoiler: generally overlooked, and has built in synergy with Ra’s
  • Red Hood – Freelance Mercenary: extends the window to maximize Ra’s, Black Hand, and Hush
  • 2 Intelligence: all Intelligence lineup is rewarded with universal access to one of the most consistent Battle Cards
  • Diversity: play requirement is easily met, recurs 7 Intelligence

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