Four for Friday: Batman Looms!

See below for preliminary info about upcoming conventions.

With just one week remaining until the launch of Batman, let’s cover what’s coming up next:

1. Launch Kits 

Don’t forget that Launch Kits are available to stores hosting events near Batman’s release – contact for more info.

2. Cards on the Grow

A Bat-Signal spotlight on some upcoming tools from Batman:

  • Arsenal: The community has shown great anticipation for Nightwing XR (and rightfully so) – Arsenal compares favorably as an aggressive/flexible variant
  • Bat-Signal: Consider the potential applications of this card in non-Bat Family decks!
  • 2 STR/INT/SP (C44-BM): -5 MP is a worthwhile price for this effect, as it creates a near-guaranteed VP with a Basic Battle Card – and rewards Characters like Catwoman.

3. Convention Season

Gen Con 2018 will take place from August 2nd through 5th in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you’re planning on attending and still need a badge – act fast! Panini Games will be in attendance with an exhibitor’s booth, plus multiple days of MetaX tournaments! You can see the full slate of Sealed events here.

On Saturday, there will also be a MetaX constructed deck event – watch for details about prizes (including exclusive promos) as we approach August.

Also, keep your eyes on this space for upcoming information about MetaX events at Mecha Con!

Finally, we’ll also be on hand at the San Diego Comic Con (July 18-22nd) in booth #2447 with promo cards from Batman!

Saturday/Sunday Giveaway

Thursday/Friday Giveaway

4. Holy Giveaways, Batman! 

Batman releases on June 29th, and we’ll be celebrating next Friday with another giveaway on the Panini Games Facebook page! Check back next week for information about your chance to win a box – along with other news and notes from the world of MetaX.

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