Tuesday Tidbits: Deck Tech 0.1?!

See below for an early edition Deck Tech!

Batman isn’t available until Friday, but the full checklist has already allowed for rampant theory-crafting! Today’s submission from Tommy M. is a potent Rainbow build, which he dubs…

“Special 6 Control”



Battle Cards:

At its core, the deck relies on the shell of Harley Quinn, Nightwing, and Gifts for efficient card advantage/manipulation. From there, Constantine and Terry McGinnis are solid floodgates, with Firestorm and Wonder Woman picking off any troublesome Characters on the board! Rounding out the Events, Echolocation and Assault become exponentially more powerful when Batman Beyond hits the table early.

It’s far too early to predict where the metagame will go from here, but it is safe to say that this dazzling control list has the tools to compete with anything! Other cards to consider:

  • Wonder Woman – Princess Diana – this would likely require cutting Amazon Princess, but WW XR adds another dimension of control (and more protection for Terry/Constantine)
  • Knockout – superior card quality may allow this list to shave a few Battle Cards, which frees up more slots for Events. Adding a KO event would ease the potential loss of Amazon Princess

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Check back on Friday to celebrate the release of Batman – and watch for details about our Facebook page launch day giveaway!