Batman Launch Day Giveaway!

Batman is out now – see below for your chance to win a box!

The Dark Knight rises – Batman is now available wherever games are sold! The full checklist is viewable here, and watch for Launch Kits at release events taking place at a store near you.

In addition to Batman Launch Kits, regular Tournament Kits are rotating to new promos for July:


Top Performer

For information about tournament support, contact

To close out the week and celebrate the launch of Batman, we’re giving away five sealed boxes of Booster Packs on the Panini Games Facebook page! To enter, reply to the linked post with your top three favorite cards from Batman. Winners will be selected and announced on Friday, July 6th – same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!

Until then, check back next week for continued Batman coverage and a new Deck Tech – along with upcoming news about Panini Games at July’s San Diego Comic Con, MetaX tournament details for Gen Con in August, information about future expansion sets, and more!

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