Tuesday Tidbits: Summer Vibes

See below for MetaX content from around the web, contest reminders, and more!

Future Sight


Happy holidays to those celebrating – have a safe and sane time! Batman launched last Friday, and its release was just the beginning of a summer of fun for MetaX. Rolling on from here, watch for photos of exclusive promos from this month’s San Diego Comic Con, information about Gen Con prizes, and other exciting announcements – including details about future expansion sets, Organized Play, and more!

Linking (Non-Team Attack Edition)

Hot on the heels of Batman, MetaX fansite MetaManiacs is debuting now – check it out here! You can also find an introductory deckbuilding guide from Collison Point here, a recent podcast from Mason Knox (download here), and there’s always new content from the partner sites found on the blogroll sidebar!

Batman Win-a-Box

Next Tuesday will return to our regularly scheduled Deck Tech sessions, and check back on Friday to see the winners of our launch day giveaway! Entries are valid until Friday morning, so head over to our Facebook page for your chance to win!