Tuesday Tidbits: Gen Con FAQ

See below for Gen Con rulings.

On Thursday, Friday, and Sunday, win-a-box MetaX Sealed events will take place at Gen Con’s Hall B: Purple 19 – 20 (maximum eight players per heat). Saturday’s $2k Constructed will begin at 10 AM – Hall B: Green 22-27. Please remember to fill out a deck registration form in advance.

Before the kickoff of Q4’s 2018 Organized Play season, you can expect a full MetaX CRD and updated Panini Games Tournament Guide. Below, you’ll find a list of rulings to know for Gen Con:

  • Matches are determined by a “best of 3” series of games with a fifty minute time limit
  • If the time limit expires and a match winner has not been determined, finish the current turn and play two additional turns. If neither player has won two games after the additional turns, the match is considered a draw (1 point).
  • Sleight of Hand may only be played once per turn
  • When an effect is “negated,” the entire text of the card has no effect.             Example: Saint Walker – The Power of Hope is in play. If “Joke’s on You” is played, its entire effect is negated.

While many of the clarifications above are likely to be codified in the forthcoming Tournament Documents, consider them to be in effect for Gen Con only.

As this is the first-ever competitive event for a game of infinite possibilities, be sure to stop by the booth if you have any advanced questions (before the general Q&A at Saturday’s player meeting).

See you next time, and check back on Friday for coverage and photos from Gen Con!