Gen Con MetaX $2K Live Updates!

We’re under way with 19 players at this inaugural event! Check back throughout the day for updates and photos, including an archetype breakdown for top 8.

Four rounds have completed, and the diverse field of decks has yielded an exciting top 8!

  • Tim Batow (Bat Family Midrange) vs. Nick Wasinki (Rainbow Tempo)
  • Nick Glaser (Krypto Mill) vs. Dillan Straabe (Military Police Control)
  • Max Williams (Hero Goodstuff) vs. Adam Tietz (Scout Regiment Team Attack)
  • Ryan Lewis (Legion of Doom) vs. Matt Smith (Blue Beetle Mill)

Update: 5.30 PM

Nick Glaser (defeated Tim Batow) and Matt Smith (defeated Adam Tietz) both advance to the finals with game three victories! While both of their decks aim to win primarily by running the opponent out of cards, they utilize vastly different tactics – setting the stage for a unique championship matchup.

Update 6 PM: Congratulations to Nick Glaser, taking it down 2-0!

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