Announcing Teen Titans Go! (and Gen Con Recap)

See below for a summary of Gen Con’s $2k Constructed Deck event, plus information about the next set!

Scheduled for a Fall release, Teen Titans Go! will be MetaX’s fifth set! As always, you can look forward to a mix of cards that function well with each other – as well as the rest of the game at large.

38697834_10215064215270598_7025042938212122624_oWatch the blog for more information in the coming weeks, including an official release date, spoiler season, foil previews, and more. Also, stay tuned for tidbits about the following expansion set in Q1 2019, potentially bringing an entirely new universe to MetaX!

Also forthcoming will be details about this season of Organized Play – which had a preview event last weekend at Gen Con. Each player at the tournament brought their own unique perspective to the game, with personal play-styles offering different facets and insight into a given strategy. There was broad debate on the best cards, as well as the optimal way to build a deck. Needless to say, things are as wide open as ever – and can only expand from here!

Gen Con Top 8 Decks:


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