Batman Deck Tech 7: Joker’s Wild Ride!

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There are a handful of ways for Characters to attack on the turn that they come into play. The Flash can do it innately, and effects like Captain Levi, 4 Special, and 3 Strength allow for varying forms of consistent speed. The Joker – Unpredictable is another way to churn out fast attacks, and today’s submission (name withheld by request) combines his effect with the Arkham Inmates!



Battle Cards:

The Joker – Unpredictable can operate effectively in several archetypes. For example, he might be toolboxed in a Legion of Doom deck or splashed in a general aggro build. Here, he is one of the key cogs of the deck – and his synergy with Jail Break allows you to rampage the board to push through for quick VPs!

The rest of the Arkham Inmates supplement this hyper aggressive strategy, and they have natural synergy with the deck’s tendency to maintain a low hand (due to playing a constant stream of Battle Cards). Aside from the card advantage created by Mad Hatter and Killer Croc, this list also packs additional draw power from Push and Pull – as well as a Battle Card lineup with a heavy emphasis on drawing cards! Other cards to consider:

  • Ra’s Al Ghul – the Arkham lineup is tight, but finding room for at least one Ra’s Al Ghul gives extra burst VP potential with Joker
  • Dynamic Duo – similar to Ra’s and Jail Break, this can throw extra attackers on the board when Joker is in play.
  • Rebirth – this deck can rip through itself quickly, and another rejuvenation effect would supplement Arkham’s 2 Special (U88-BM) for extra Joker recursion

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