Four for Friday: Autumn Approaches

Polish off the week with four new tidbits below.


The “MetaX Online Tournament” recently took place, and you can find detailed coverage on the MetaManiacs event breakdown page. The diversity of decks on display was comparable to the spread seen at Gen Con, but the Top Cut was more combat oriented than the mill archetypes that excelled in the $2k.

Whether you are brewing decks for a local event or a worldwide metagame, results from tournaments like these provide valuable information. For example, the linked analysis includes a statistical breakdown of the most commonly played Battle Cards from the Top 8 decks. At the very least, this informs what you can expect to face in a tournament setting – and perhaps encourages modifications to your deck to be specifically prepared against those cards!

2. Card of the Moment

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Featured in the online tournament’s 2nd place GCPD deck, this Event from the first set is a hidden gem. Lose the Battle to Win the War allows you to heal one of your own Characters, but this card is often used as an engine to recur your own attached Battle Cards and maintain offensive pressure (removing damage from your opponent’s Characters can also prevent them from having open slots). This type of flexible effect is highly playable, as seen with the increasing popularity of 1 Special (C51-GL).

Lose the Battle to Win the War is able to bridge this tactic into nearly an entire strategy due to its self-shuffle effect, and it is one of the only cards that can prevent being decked indefinitely in certain late game scenarios.

3. Tournament Kit Rotation

As the seasons change, so will regular Tournament Kits. Starting on 14th, promos are rotating to new cards – be sure to submit any final requests for the existing kits before then. Check back next week to see photos of which foils are coming next (including a highly played Event)!

Stores can always contact for more information about tournament support.

4. Fall Tidings

Though we’re still a while off from the next launch window, be prepared for an upcoming video submission challenge with more prizes than ever before! On top of that, Organized Play details are close – along with other exciting news and information that we can’t wait to unveil. Until then, have a great weekend and check back on Tuesday for the latest Deck Tech installation.