Batman Deck Tech 8: Police Lock

This week’s Deck Tech revolves around the Military Police!

Decks based around the Military Police Trait bring several things to mind – filtering, recursion, and the KO effect of Annie. Today’s submission from Blaine B. emphasizes all of these strengths with a build based around dominating the Character Zone. Blaine considers this a top contender for the current metagame, and he writes:

“The concept of this deck is pretty straightforward – I utilize my resources to dig for Annie + one of the six board wipes.”



Battle Cards:

The combination of Showdown and Unexpected Turnaround can consistently setup scenarios for Annie to clear the opponent’s only Character. When combined with fast attacks from 4 Special, this leads to several “free VPs” that the opponent cannot defend. This has been proven as an effective strategy, as seen in the Military Police deck from Gen Con’s $2k. With two copies of Discipline to compliment Nile Dawk, this list can afford to cheat on Character slots – but it might still require a few more. Other cards to consider:

  • Green Arrow – Hand of Death – while not a member of the Military Police, this “1 for 1” removal effect is in sync with strategies that work for Annie
  • Teleportation – packs less punch than Unexpected Turnaround, but comes at a significantly reduced cost
  • More Battle Cards that reward that benefit from “free shots” (such as more copies of 1 STR/INT/SP, or effects like 1 Intelligence and 1 Special)

Blaine also included a photo of his deck from the MetaX Deck Builder.


If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.

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