Batman Deck Tech #9: Small Handful!

Today’s spotlight (Bat-Signal?!) shines on the GCPD.

Though the GCPD Trait is one of the most accessible factions in the game, today’s Deck Tech submission is the first to feature James Gordon and friends. Broadly speaking, the GCPD excels at swarming and discarding cards – but at the cost of heavily stamped effects. However, even a “pure GCPD” build has several decisions to make about its overall strategy (such as just how “Aggro” you want it to be). Today’s deck from Dylan H. emphasizes hand control, which severely limits the opponent’s options as you fill the board!



Battle Cards:

As usually required by GCPD decks, this includes nearly the maximum amount of available GCPD Characters. Aside from meeting the requirements for stamped effects, this lineup also enables effects like that of 3 STR/INT/SP. The core of the deck is formed by the highly disruptive Identifcation/Echolocation package, and GCPD’s 4 Special applies further pressure to the opponent’s hand.

With these components in place and a suitable number of Battle Cards, there is little space left for “answers” or other tech – but this list still manages to fit copies of Disgraced and Catwoman. Other cards to consider:

  • Additional recursion: while the Officers can shuffle Characters back, consider further diversification of regenerative effects (x1 Rebirth, another Catwoman, etc)
  • Blue Beetle: this would take the deck in a far more aggressive direction, and would require additional slots devoted to fast attacks/board clearing
  • Vixen: similar to Blue Beetle, this would require significant reconfiguration – but offers another draw engine/grants an inherent advantage against other discard decks

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