Four for Friday: Facing Fall!

See below for an end of the week recap of all things MetaX.

1) Bulletin Board

Be sure to check out the latest explosion of MetaX content around the web, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our burgeoning communities! Details about the first season of wide-scale Organized Play are looming, and another fan run online tournament is coming up soon. Get cozy with this new podcast about the MXOLT from our friends at MetaManiacs, and you can brush up on the field by browsing Toyboat’s MetaX Netdecker Gallery. Finally, take note of the newly launched – another fan endeavor from Australia!

Don’t forget that local Tournament Kits have rotated to new promos – contact for details.

2) Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Character negation is seen on only a handful of cards, and it is usually conditional. Meanwhile, Injustice’s lack of restrictions means it can be included in nearly any deck – especially those that eschew Push/Constant Characters. In a tempo based deck, this type of effect can hold off opposing answers while you accumulate the final VPs. In other archetypes, it can punch through windows of opportunity to deal with a problematic Character (or augment other negation cards to create a stream of lockdown effects).

Similar to other “virtual effect” Events, Injustice draws a card to replace itself after use. Events like these raise questions about deckbuilding ratios, as they allow quicker access to cards in your deck at the cost of absolute slots. It is also worth noting that replacement draw Events become exponentially more powerful with effects that stack your deck, such as Batman – Detective.

3) Mining for BC Gems

A look at three Battle Cards that could see more play:

This has to fight for space with one of the most popular Battle Cards in the game, but its ability to control your opponent’s discard pile should not be overlooked.

While this requires certain concessions in your own Battle Card lineup, it has potential to enable blowout combo wins.

4 Special is a highly contested slot, but “goodstuff” lineups looking for a draw power might be able to leverage this effect into an efficient engine (let alone a build based entirely around this card).

4) Future Sight

The announcement date for the kickoff of spoiler season is still on the distant horizon, but here are three teaser effects to mull over in the meantime – one of which will actually be included in the next set!

  • An effect that allows an extra Character to be played during each Planning Step
  • An effect that allows only a single Character to Prep each turn
  • An effect that requires each player to play with their hand revealed