Batman Deck Tech #10: Numerous Negates!

See below for this week’s submission!

Negation effects in MetaX are often splashed in various archetypes to fill a gap, but today’s deck focuses on negation as its entire theme. These kinds of effects are usually symmetrical, and they usually require you to sacrifice a certain element of deck construction in order to maximize their value. This submission from Will D. emphasizes Battle Card negation, with a heavy dose of Basic Battle support!



Battle Cards:

Kyle Rayner and a package of Basic Multi-Stat Battle Cards forms a strong backbone for any deck, but don’t be be afraid to run a complimentary suite of non-Basic Battle Cards as well. This lineup’s devotion to negation means that there is little overlap between Stats, but the Multi-Stat Battle Cards can smooth things over defensively. Between Frightened, Doomsday (and redundancy from Rise from the Ashes, Bizarro, and the other Constant effect Characters), this deck can plan on Battle Cards being negated for the majority of the game. In general, this means that the deck turns the Battle Step into a “numbers game” – making this deck function as something more Midrange (as opposed to tempo based “Stun” negation variants). Other cards to consider:

  • Rage: should usually function as a one sided wipe for damaged Characters
  • 3 Intelligence (R128-BM): noteworthy that this is not turned off by Armin or Gordon
  • Superboy-Prime or Terry McGinnis offer new axises of negation without cutting off existing options (like Hawkgirl would)
  • Try swapping in various glue Events to get a feel for fit (such as Knockout, Power Players, etc).

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