Four for Friday: Spooky Season!

Close out the week with the latest from MetaX!

Let’s usher in October with four new tidbits.

1. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

As a three-Stat Character with +3 MP and a favorable Trait, Blackfire has a high floor. From there, dipping into attach effects can quickly fill the board (and she herself can be pulled back by Dynamic Duo or Ra’s Al Ghul), making her great at rebuilding from opposing board wipe effects – or your own! Of final note, she provides a soft counter to the highly played Starfire.

2. FAQ Clarification

Effects that take place “when a Character pushes to attack” are used after the effect of that Character’s Battle Card.

For example, Catwoman – Thief attacks with 1 Special. After using the effect of that Battle Card to draw the bottom card of the deck, Catwoman’s effect would then place two cards from the discard pile on the bottom of the deck.

3. Combo of the Moment

“Two-card combos” are at their best when each piece is still able to offer value if played alone. Dick Grayson – Master Martial Artist can shine with minimal support, but his effect is maximized in a deck with powerful and/or costly Battle Cards for him to utilize. Coming Storm allows repeat plays of these bombastic effects – while also providing fuel for a generally aggressive strategy (regardless of which Characters are in play).

4. Teasers, Continued

One or more of the following statements is true (and at least one is false) :

  • The next set includes a Cross Rare (XR) Battle Card
  • The next set includes a Cross Rare (XR) Event
  • The next set includes an Ultra Rare (UR) that is not a Character