Four for Friday: “Teen Titans Go!” Update

See below for an update about the launch of Teen Titans Go!

1. Scheduling Announcements

In order to align our upcoming release schedule with plans for 2019, Teen Titans Go! has been postponed – but watch for an announcement of the revised launch date in the near future (along with new information about other forthcoming offerings).


Coming soon! 

Leading up to the debut of Teen Titans Go!, you can expect the usual rollout of preview articles, fansite spoilers, Launch Kit details, and more giveaways than ever before (including a video contest)!

2. Card of the Week

Speaking of Teen Titans Go!, this Card of the Week is already more than playable – but looks to gain increased interactions in the next set. Robin – Damian Wayne can combine with Arsenal to form a potent offensive shell, and other reveal effects like Supergirl or [REDACTED] can steer the deck in different directions.

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

More “reveal” options include: Open War, Colossal Titan, Hush, Two-Face, Nightwing

3. All Hallows’ Eve

Be sure to check back on Tuesday for our Halloween giveaway contest, where we’ll be handing out three Attack on Titan booster boxes!


4. Tingling Teasers

Whet your appetite for Teen Titans Go! with a glance at three upcoming Villain cards:

  • a saucy Character that rewards a dual “Hero/Villain” deck style
  • an effect that encourages spitting multiple Villains into your discard pile
  • a Battle Card that preps a Villain (which has big combo implications with a previously teased card!)