Batman Deck Tech XIV: Born on a Tuesday

Find this week’s Deck Tech below, plus an upcoming Halloween giveaway!

First, a programming note: Deck Tech will be off next week – instead, check back on Tuesday for a Halloween giveaway contest! For today, let’s look at synergistic submission from Mike M. that combines the strengths of John Stewart and Solomon Grundy (speaking of Halloween…):



Battle Cards:

At its core, this deck aims to wipe the opposing board with Evil Parade – leaving John Stewart, Solomon Grundy, and perhaps Bizarro to withstand the effect and score free VPs. Mr. Freeze ensures that the combo still works against pesky abilities like Batman – Prepared or Female Titan (while also turning off the downside of your own Black Adam for fast MP on demand with Legion of Doom). Infighting flows well with the high overall Villain count, but it specifically allows you to draw 2 cards for free when targeting Grundy. Other cards to consider:

  • Showdown: as extra/backup copies of Evil Parade (and the list has MP to spare)
  • With Friends Like These: as a less impactful version of Evil Parade/Showdown, but with added deck recycling potential
  • 3 Strength (C42-AT): somewhat awkward to navigate with this lineup, but adds considerable offensive upside

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