Four for Friday: New Promos in November!

See the new Tournament Kit promos below.

1. Tournament Kit Rotation

Tournament Kits are rotating to new promos for November. Starting now, you can find   5 Special (P5-AT) as the participation card – with Perseverance (P6-AT) for top performers.


Tournament Kits are freely available to any store running MetaX events – contact for more info.

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Low rank Multi-Stat Battle Cards with no cost are easy to use, but which decks should find room for this card’s effect? It has strong defensive applications, allowing a defender to ignore the opponent’s best attack (with the upside of riding into a fearless followup strike). You can also use it offensively to protect Characters that need to enter the Battle Zone (such as Scarecrow or Nightwing), and this ability also shields key pieces from effects like Starfire. For a final twist of utility, try to think of situations in which it would be advantageous to target an opponent’s Character with this effect!

3. Halloween Giveaway Reminder

Don’t forget to submit your Halloween contest entry on the Panini Games Facebook page by Tuesday – and then check back for the winners with our next edition of Deck Tech!

4. TTT

Ease into November with three more teasers from Teen Titans Go! (and be sure to watch for preview write-ups that explore these set themes in greater detail)!

  • there is at least one chimpanzee in the next set
  • be prepared for an exceptional Constant effect that rewards playing three Battle Cards in a turn
  • Look forward to the introduction of the H.I.V.E. Five Trait (…with five new Characters!)

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