Four for Friday: Bring on December!

Usher in December with a spotlight on tempo cards, new Teen Titans Go! teasers, and more!

1. December Destiny

Tournament Kits are currently available upon request, but please submit any orders before the end-of-month holiday break (contact for more information). Watch for a breakdown of new promos when the Tournament Kits rotate soon, along with other announcements for plans in 2019.

Of course, you can also expect another holiday giveaway before the new year – stay tuned for more info!

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

At the bare minimum, this 3 INT/SP allows almost any Character to fearlessly enter the Battle Zone for 0 MP. When played by a defender, it both stifles an attack and sets up a potential counter-swing on the next turn. Streaming this effect between turns also can shield key Characters from things like Starfire  – and don’t forget shrewd applications that target an opposing Character!

3. Tempo Time

The concept of Tempo in card games can be difficult for even veteran players to grasp, but there are some universally agreed upon principles. In MetaX, cards that generate tempo are often “fast” or “under-costed” – but they usually provide transient advantages. For your consideration, three cards that epitomize tempo:

  • Batman – Dark Knight: delaying the opponent is a hallmark of tempo strategies
  • Teleportation: robs the opponent of nearly an entire Planning Step, and tempo strategies would aim to win the game before the opponent reaped too many advantages from the free Character re-play
  • 5 INT/SP (R135-JL): another example of an effect that does not permanently answer a card, but this time with added benefit of denying a draw as well

4. Seasonal Spoiler Hints

The upcoming release of Teen Titans Go! will bring gifts for every archetype:

  • Aggro gains several new options, including a targeted effect that prevents a Character from defending
  • Midrange tools expand with access to cards like this upcoming Constant effect: “If this card gains a VP, you may return it to your hand at the end of the turn.”
  • Control decks might look to benefit from the smattering of effects that reduce costs, and Combo will have a larger space than ever before to explore “Event decks”