Batman Deck Tech: Brainy Beatdown!

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Characters with a high Intelligence rating often have craftier, nuanced effects that reflect attributes like “scheming” or “information.” As a result, “Intelligence decks” are commonly associated with various forms of combo or control. Today’s submission from Lucas S. ignores convention, utilizing a recursive suite of Intelligence Battle Cards to fuel endless attacks!



Battle Cards:

This collection of Characters has no Trait synergy, but the lineup is centered around a devotion to Intelligence. The remarkable cohesion of the Battle Card package allows for streaming cards in and out of the deck – with a common gambit of 4 Intelligence searching out 5 Intelligence (which ideally shuffles back another 4 Intelligence). Munk chips in to find any stray pieces, while the emphasis on this higher rank Battle Card combo allows for the inclusion of Armin. The eclectic Event package ultimately focuses on providing card quality/advantage, which pairs well with the massive draw power of Erwin and 3 Special. Other cards to consider:

  • Additional (or diversified) recursion to protect the loop, such as Lose the Battle to Win the War or Rebirth
  • 7 Intelligence (U99-JL) can be found by Passion of the Hunt to seal a game, or recurred/played multiple times in longer match
  • Effects that allow you to push Erwin outside of the Battle Zone, such as 3 Intelligence (R129-JL)

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