Four for Friday: GAMA Grab Bag

Panini Games heads to GAMA next week!

1. GAMA Week

Next week, Panini Games will be at GAMA – and we’ll be holding our first ever live giveaway! On Tuesday, check this space for contest details and head to the Panini Games Facebook page to enter. Online winners will be drawn live during GAMA from the Panini Games exhibitor booth, with the results posted here on Friday.

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Constantine is always lurking as a threat to negate a high percentage of a given metagame. Currently, he is well positioned in decks looking to control commonplace effects like Batman – Dark Knight and Blue Beetle. For a recent tournament report featuring Constantine and Terry McGinnis, see here.

3. Competitive Scene

The MXOLT III has concluded – see the first place deck here and watch for a full breakdown at MetaManiacs. MetaXStream has also updated their podcast series – listen here. After GAMA, competition will continue to ratchet up with the announcement of circuit series details – plus the release of Tournament Documents later this month!

4. Teen Titans Teasers

There are two effects in the next set that require having three Characters in play at the start of your turn. Below are some of the potential payoffs!

  • an effect with the ability to KO all opposing Characters…at a significant cost!
  • an effect to prevent the opponent from targeting Characters in play
  • an effect that allows potentially infinite Battle Card recursion against passive opponents