Tuesday Deck Tech: Green Lanterns!

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Green Lanterns have more Characters than nearly any other Trait, but the faction has yet to see sustained results. However, today’s list from Ty Tracey (courtesy of MetaManiacs.com) showcases the full strength of the Green Lantern Trait – as evidenced by its top 8 finish in the recent MXOLT III!



Battle Cards:

This is a supremely consistent deck, with Green Lantern – Emerald Knight serving as the key cog (with backup from Green Lantern’s Light). Every Character in the deck can be pulled by Emerald Knight, allowing you to quickly setup Abin Sur and Green Gladiator (which grants access to another search effect in 3 STR/INT/SP). Abin Sur also enables Kilowogg, which allows you to clear out one of your own Character slots while setting the opponent back a turn. Kilowogg is further augmented by the inclusion of Frustration, which is trivial to assemble with to the stream of search effects available. This constant pressure on the opponent’s Character Zone can lead to free shots for Battle Cards like 1 Intelligence (C41-GL) and 6 Special (R136-GL), allowing for more recursion/searching! Other cards to consider:

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