Tuesday Tidbits: Circuit Series Details

Find out more about the circuit series below.

The MetaManiacs Championship Cup Circuit is fully sanctioned and sponsored by Panini Games. Here are the current resources available:

1. Player Info

You can register for a player ID here, which will allow you to track your performance throughout the season. Tournament participants should be fully familiar with the recently released Tournament Guide and CRD, and your event might require a Deck Registration Form.

2. Store Info

Any store or Tournament Organizer can apply for an Event Kit here. For a full breakdown of the Season 1 kit contents, see the Event page here.

3. Prizes

Booster boxes, a play mat, exclusive promos (including a participation card for every entrant) – these are just some of the prizes you can expect at your local circuit series event! On top of that, there will also be special rewards (claimed via Championship Credits) at the end of each season, along with a TBA tournament at Gen Con.

Watch the blog for upcoming circuit series dates/locations – along with information about other tournaments, future events, and scheduled convention presences!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tidbits: Circuit Series Details

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