Tuesday Deck Tech: Card Advantage Titans

Check out a new “card advantage” Titan list below.

With circuit series events beginning in under two months, today’s Deck Tech looks at another tournament-proven archetype. Titan strategies are usually Midrange, allowing you to exploit their inherently high HP and combat effects. However, there are numerous viable approaches to constructing a Titan list – as seen with this week’s “card advantage” submission:



Battle Cards:

Unlike previously covered builds with an emphasis on resilient Characters (such as Towering Titan and Big Mouth Titan) backed by Brutality, this mono-Titan deck’s identity is formed by the backbone of Armored Titan and Colossal Titan. Their disruption is further augmented by hand control staples like Echolocation and 4 Special (C48-JL), while all of the Strength Battle cards generate card advantage in some way (with heavy hitting attacks in general to dodge Colossal Titan’s effect). Though this style of deck leads to a lack of flexibility/utility, its ability to apply consistent pressure makes it a reliable choice for a tournament setting.

Other cards to consider:

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