Batman Deck Tech XIII: Mono-Titans!

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Midrange decks in MetaX frequently generate their advantages on the board, utilizing larger Characters and Battle Cards to make favorable trades in the Battle Zone. Aside from Potpourri “goodstuff” builds, there are also a handful of Traits that specifically facilitate Midrange strategies. Today’s mono-Titan submission fully displays the principles of a Midrange approach, and its creator writes that it “bullies people early, and uses team attacks to seal games late.”

“Big Elusive Bois”



Battle Cards: 

With their high HP and hardy effects, Titan decks are uniquely positioned to excel in the Midrange realm. This list is setup to close out the game with a thunderous push, either through the use of Brutality or via unstoppable Team Attacks.

Team Attacking with large Stats can certainly clinch a victory, but it’s also worth noting that Titans are large enough to repel Team Attacks as well (and survive effects like Starfire)! Big Mouth Titan is one of the standouts here, and two copies in play can create a soft lock in some commonly seen matchups. Other cards to consider:

  • Colossal Titan: a single copy can be searched by 3 STR/INT/SP
  • Echolocation: with little draw smoothing of your own, this can help stunt the opponent and buy time)
  • 3 Strength (C42-AT): another way to reap benefits from mono-Trait lineup

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