Four for Friday: Long Halloween

Check below for four new tidbits!

1. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

In decks that can afford to be patient, Gifts generates enough card advantage to nearly be considered a draw engine on its own. Aside from the obvious applications archetypes like combo and control, be on the lookout for specific interactions – such as synergy with Arkham Inmates!

2. Rules Roundup

In preparation for the upcoming season of Organized Play (and following last week’s slice of the Tournament Guide), here’s an entry you can expect when the Tournament Documents are uploaded:

6 INT/SP (U99-BM): you must shuffle 2 other non-Event cards from a discard pile into their owner’s deck

Note that this ruling was also in effect at Gen Con.

3. Decks, Seen and Heard

Some of the top performing decks/archetypes of the moment:

  • Potpourri Midrange/Value
  • Aggro (countless stamped/Rainbow builds)
  • Scout Regiment (Team Attacking, and non)
  • GCPD Discard
  • Legion of Doom toolbox
  • Vixen Hand Control
  • Mill (passive or active)

4. Teasers, Act III

In honor of Halloween season, today’s teasers include one of the scariest effects from the next set! You can expect to see:

  • a Character that interacts with the Bat Family Trait
  • an Event for heavy Strength decks that directly gains a VP
  • a Battle Card with the unique ability to return Events to your deck