Four for Friday: Rulings FAQ

See below for four new clarifications!

In general, the ordinary flow of MetaX gameplay allows for a clear resolution of effects. If you’re still new to the game, please refer to the MetaX Rulebook for a definitive answer to most scenarios. For the upcoming season of Organized Play, a Tournament Guide and CRD will outline some of the more complex rulings that can arise in specific cases. Here are four clarifications that will be reflected in the upcoming Tournament Documents:

1) VP Resolution 

If you have more than one undefended attacking Character, you may choose the order in which your Characters gain their VPs.

Example: You perform attacks with Red Tornado – John Smith (using any eligible Battle Card) and Superman – Man of Steel using 1 Intelligence (C41-GL). Neither attack is defended, and you may choose the order of resolution for VPs. You choose to have Superman gain a VP first, allowing you to place a card on top of your deck. Then, Red Tornado gains a VP and allows you to draw 2 cards.

2) Constant Effects with Timings

A Character with a Constant effect that takes place with a specific timing (such as “when, if, whenever…”) must be in play for that effect to take place.

Example: You use Bleez – Crown Princess to defend, resulting in both her and the attacker being KO’d by damage. You would not draw a card from Bleez’s effect.

Note that effects like Star Sapphire – Violet Lantern and Female Titan – Hardened Warrior have constant effects that still take effect specifically “after” they leave play.

3) Competing Timing

If there are multiple effects to resolve with the exact same timing, the player in control of the current turn resolves all of their effects first (in any order they choose) – followed by the resolution of the opponent’s effects (in any order they choose).

Example: You attack with Batman – Bruce Wayne, and your opponent defends with Vixen – Mari McCabe using 4 Special (C48-JL), causing each player to discard a card from their hand. Batman and Vixen have Competing Timing, so you resolve Batman’s effect first (as it is your turn).

4) The Rule of Three

You may only play a given card title a maximum of three times from your hand in a single turn. Since you are only allowed to include a maximum of three copies of each card in your deck, this has no effect on the overwhelming majority of gameplay. However, some interactions allow you to play cards indefinitely – and this removes their potential for abuse while still providing fuel for combos.

Example: You play Sleight of Hand, and another copy of Sleight of Hand is in your opponent’s VP Pile. You may loop Sleight of Hand for Sleight of Hand, but only three times in a turn. You then play Gathering Strength to draw 3 cards.

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