Batman Deck Tech XII: ABRACADABRA!

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Unlike the disruption and destruction seen in Villain builds, decks based around the Hero Trait are more likely to offer beneficial effects (such as drawing cards or healing damage). While Legion of Doom decks usually include a toolbox of situational Characters, Hero lineups are more likely to focus on consistency by being redundant. This approach often leads to a Midrange strategy, but Heroes can function in nearly any archetype. Today’s submission from Marty T. is an example of Hero Control – featuring both versions of Zatanna!



Battle Cards: 

Nightwing, Zatanna – Expert Illusionist, and Heroic Charge form the backbone of the deck, combining to create a card quality engine that ensures the arrival of board control effects like Wonder Woman and Zatanna – Magician. The emphasis on draw manipulation also serves to maintain a flow of recursive Battle Cards – which is especially strong when looping 2 Special. This deck’s methodical approach means that most victories will come after the opponent is starved for resources, and in some cases they might run out of Battle Cards entirely! Other cards to consider:

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