Four for Friday: Springing Along

A new giveaway in May, plus a spotlight on a circuit series promo – see more below!

1. May Giveaway

To commemorate the first season of the upcoming circuit series, we’ll be giving away more boxes next month! Giveaway details will be posted here on Friday, May 3rd – followed by participation on the Panini Games Facebook page (and results on May 10th).

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

As seen in recent Deck Techs (such as GCPD and Titans), several builds in the current environment pack some form of hand disruption. Batman – Bruce Wayne acts as a strong check against these strategies, while also falling back on a favorable Trait and robust stats/MP. Don’t forget that an exclusive promo version of this card is coming soon!


3. Circuit Series Looms

You’ll be able to obtain the P7-BM Batman and more in the MetaManiacs Championship Cup Circuit – signups for players and stores are open now. Continue following the blog for additional circuit series information – including dates, locations, supplemental prizes, tournament coverage, and more!

4. Friday Teaser Time

Enter the weekend with three more teasers from Teen Titans Go!

  • watch for a Character effect that alters the MP cost of cards
  • similarly, look for an Event that interacts with cards that have a specific MP cost
  • finally, consider pairing these effects with a Battle Card that reduces the cost of an Event to 0