Tuesday Deck Tech: Circuit GCPD!

See another circuit-ready deck below!

GCPD decks were absent from Gen Con, but now stand as one of the top Trait-based builds in the current metagame. You’re sure to see the GCPD represented in the upcoming circuit series, with permutations ranging from “pure aggro” to “control oriented” – or even combo based builds with Blue Beetle! This week’s submission from Rory M. packs a mono-Trait lineup, granting access to a seldom seen Event:



Battle Cards:

The general playstyle of GCPD remains the same between builds, with a backbone of swarming attacks/blocks backed hand disruption. This list’s ability to consistently fill the Character Zone allows for a lower Character count – freeing up space for extra spice (such as Evil Parade).

While the Trait is able to stand on its own merits in any matchup, it also acts as a natural predator against several top decks in this environment. The GCPD’s unique ability to recover from board wipes and snipe key Events makes it well positioned against decks based on Unexpected Turnaround, while also having the ability to push for VPs against mill. This build also takes advantage of the solo-GCPD lineup with the standard 3 STR/INT/SP, but additionally fits Camaraderie to keep the hand and board flowing.

Other cards to consider:

  • 3 Strength (C42-AT): especially if extra copies of Gotham City Finest are added (see below)
  • Miscellaneous regenerative pieces x1-2 to augment the existing recursion package (such as Joke’s On You)
  • Additional copies of Evil Parade, depending on the expected environment (this also makes +1-2 Gotham City’s Finest an enticing prospect)

If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.

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