Four for Friday: GAMA Live Giveaway!

A look at Rank 7 anchors, news about our GAMA giveaway, Teen Titans Go! teasers – and more below.

1. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

As previously discussed, adding cheap cycling Events to a deck requires you to lower your absolute count of Characters and Battle Cards. Similarly, Events that search for a card can increase consistency – but at the cost of fitting in more ammo. Leap Into Action falls into this category, but the unique ability to grab both Characters and Battle Cards makes its drawbacks less severe. For a deep dive into some of the choice Rank 7 targets for this effect, see below!

2. GAMA Giveaway 

The Panini Games presence at GAMA will include our first ever “live giveaway,” with brand manager Aik Tongtharadol drawing the winners from our booth on the show floor. This time around, non-attendees will be able to enter to win from home! Be sure to check back when GAMA kicks off on Tuesday, March 12th for details about your chance to win.

3. Rank 7 Anchors On Parade

As anticipation continues to build for the upcoming circuit series (watch for the kickoff announcement in March), some deckbuilders have focused on perfecting existing archetypes – while others continue to mine for crafty innovations. Today, let’s look at a handful of Rank 7 Characters that are not tied to a specific Trait – but have the ability to influence the entire direction of a deck!

4. Themed Teaser Time

Following the Characters above, here are three hints about upcoming Rank 7 effects from Teen Titans Go!

  • a Rank 7 Character with the ability to Prep a Character
  • an Event that rewards controlling three Characters with an Intelligence rank of 7
  • a Battle Card that gains a bonus for defending a rank 7 attack

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