Four for Friday: February Box Winners!

The winners have been selected – see the results below!

1. Box Winners

Last Friday, contest participants were asked to visit the Panini Games Facebook page and reply to this question:

Which characters from “Teen Titans Go!” are you excited to use in the next set?

Beast Boy was the most popular result (as reflected in the results below!), followed by Raven. The other Teen Titan members (Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg) have seen representation in previous releases, leading to the more highly anticipated debut of Raven and Beast Boy in the next set. The three randomly selected winners:

  • Jason S. (Silky and Beast Boy)
  • Ramiro P. (Beast Boy)
  • Tim D. (Beast Boy)

Thanks to all for participating – and watch for more giveaways from Panini Games soon!

2. Card of the Week
Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Events that replace themselves by drawing a card can appear easy to include in any deck, but their inclusion usually means running a lower absolute count of Battle Cards. While cards like Injustice and Recruitment have had successful applications in the past, there has been little attention paid to Surprise Visit. General hand knowledge is valuable for any archetype, allowing you to perfectly plan out any attacks/defenses that can be made by your opponent. This effect can also interact favorably with cards like Spoiler or The Joker – Clown Prince of Crime, and its relevance will only increase with future combos (such as [REDACTED] from Teen Titans Go!). 

3. Panini Games at GAMA

This year’s GAMA trade show will take place in Reno, Nevada on March 11th-15th. Panini Games will be in attendance, and you can stop by the booth for demos, promo cards, hints for the future, and more! Stay tuned for more info from the floor during GAMA week, including your chance to win more swag.

4. Teasers, Popularity Edition

Keeping with the results of the contest poll, let’s polish off week with some Raven/Beast Boy tidbits from the next set:

  • Teen Titans Go! will include seven different Beast Boy/Raven Character cards
  • One of Raven’s effects specifically references her father, Trigon
  • There is a Beast Boy card with the ability to transform into different effects

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