Four for Friday: February Freebies!

See our latest giveaway below!

1. Win a Box

To start the month off with a bang, we’ll be giving away boxes of Attack on Titan and Batman! Participation is simple – head over to the Panini Games Facebook page and reply to the following question:

Which characters from “Teen Titans Go!” are you excited to use in the next set?

Winners will be chosen at random and announced next Friday, with your choice of either box as a prize!

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

This effect offers a hard counter to some “all in” strategies that rely on sculpting a large combo, and it often discards a significant chunk of cards against most forms of Mill. Many decks can splash a few copies of 5 Strength as a specific answer to those matchups, but it also has merit in general Midrange builds. Forcing each player to fight “honestly” with a restricted hand size makes it more likely for a Midrange deck to exploit its natural advantages in the Battle Zone.

3. Content Roundup

Our friends at MetaManiacs are currently conducting a poll on Traits, and you can weigh in on their upcoming article here. MetaXstream has posted a new article about some “missed opportunity” Characters from the first set, along with a new “Walk n Talk” podcast episode to boot. Finally, be sure to check out the fan-run MetaX TCG Community – where you’ll find discussion about topics like deck construction, rules clarifications, and the upcoming circuit series!

4. Weekend Teasers

At least one of the following Character effects will be included in the next set:

  • a “When Played” effect that allows Characters to attack without Battle Cards
  • a Constant effect that searches your deck for a Battle Card each turn
  • a Push effect that allows you to play a Battle Card from your opponent’s discard pile

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