Tuesday Deck Tech: Scout Beatdown!

See a non-Team Attacking build of the Scout Regiment below!

The Scout Regiment will likely be amongst the most played Traits in the upcoming circuit series, with a clear distinction between “Team Attack” and “non-Team Attack” builds. We’ve already seen the Team Attack variant attain success at Gen Con, but the other flavors of Scout builds are bursting with potential. Due to their high Character count, Scout decks have a lot of options – with even the non-Team Attack path branching out into several distinct choices! Today’s submission heavily relies on the Character access provided by Mikasa – Lethal Force, while another version might instead lean on Mikasa – Battle Genius (or omit Mikasa entirely!):



Battle Cards: 

When Scout decks aren’t swarming the board to Team Attack, they still often aim to consistently fill up the Character Zone. Through the effects of Eren and Flanking, this list can apply quick pressure to the opponent – or instantly recover from opposing roadblocks. Maximizing usage of Mikasa is key here, with on demand access to more cards, MP, or even Character removal! The additional spice of Evil Parade and allows you to clear up space to keep your Characters flowing, and it combines with 5 Strength to provide a strong defense against miscellaneous turbo/combo/mill strategies. Other cards to consider:

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