Four for Friday: Circuit Series Soon!

Four fast facts about the upcoming circuit series.

A new MetaX circuit series was announced in January, and you’ll soon be able to step into the competitive arena!

1. Circuit Series Metagame

Some of the first season’s tournaments will that take place before the launch of Teen Titans Go! – so be sure to keep up with the current metagame. You can find recent fansite content roundups (including deck articles) here and here. Also, refer to past event data (such as Gen Con and the MXOLT II) to observe recent trends – and continue following our ongoing Deck Tech series (with an emphasis on tournament builds like “Unexpected Aggro“).

2. Debut Dates 

Watch for the official circuit series kickoff announcement within the next month,  including the chance for stores everywhere to inquire about receiving their own kit! From there, watch for the full schedule of dates and locations before the end of April – along with an updated Panini Games Tournament Guide and MetaX CRD in March.

3. Prizes

The kickoff announcement will also feature a full breakdown of prizes for the circuit series, including:

  • exclusive promo cards
  • TBA swag (including a cool new [REDACTED])
  • sealed boxes of Green Lantern, Attack on Titan, and Batman

On top of the included prizes, players will also be able to track their progress throughout the season – with special surprises and rewards for different milestones at the end of the year!

4. Tournament Titans 

When Teen Titans Go! launches later this year, it will become eligible for tournament play two weeks after release. Which of these upcoming effects might make the biggest impact on the competitive scene?

  • a Character that rewards having a small amount of cards left in your deck
  • an Event that swaps cards out of your opponent’s discard pile
  • a Battle Card that plays a card from your discard pile


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