Tuesday Deck Tech: Flip-Flop Aggro!

Check below for a top deck from the current metagame:

In order to prepare for the upcoming circuit series, the next month of highlighted submissions will revolve around decks that are sure to be seen in competitive play. The favorable interaction between Unexpected Turnaround and Blue Beetle has been present since the beginning of the game, with success at Gen Con (hybrid/active mill) and in the MXOLT II (“Unexpected Aggro”). Today’s entry follows the aggro approach closely:



Battle Cards: 

This deck aims to clear the board with Unexpected Turnaround, then quickly overwhelm the opponent with extra Characters from Blue Beetle. The low-rank Battle Card package compliments the combo, but also allows for generic tempo/aggro plays from the other offense-oriented Characters. As this strategy can go all-in on on a single turn, look to disrupt a sculpted hand with effects like Echolocation and Supergirl – or punish an overcommitted board with Evil Parade! A final approach to countering this strategy involves being able to also swarm the board yourself, such as the tactics available to the upcoming [REDACTED] archetype in Teen Titans Go!

Other cards to consider:

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