Tuesday Deck Tech: Twincon!

Beatdown? Mill? Why not both?

While recent Deck Tech entries have explored tournament-proven archetypes, this week’s submission features an anti-meta rogue brew. Black Lantern builds have seen some success in the past, and their synergy with “beatdown/discarding” strategies definitely has a place in the current metagame. This list from Bryan M. is dubbed “Twincon” for its ability to push for VPs and Mill:



Battle Cards: 

When a Mill deck can only win the game by decking the opponent, discarding cards from the opponent’s deck is an all or nothing affair. If the opponent has even a single card left in their deck and reaches 7 VP, then all of the discarding throughout the game was mostly meaningless. However, hybrid decks like this one are able to find additional value from milling. When threatening a VP victory, preemptively answering cards from your opponent’s deck becomes more relevant. Your opponent’s Battle Cards and Characters will become depleted and hinder their ability to defend – especially when followed up with effects like Echolocation, Reiner Braun, and Supergirl. The rest of the list pays respect to the value of effects that clear out your own Characters, while the Battle Cards emphasize pushing through more attacks.

Watch for your opponent to focus on either defense or milling, then capitalize by shifting gears to the appropriate win condition!

Other cards to consider:

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