Four for Friday: New Circuit Series!

See below for new Tournament Kit promos, a circuit series announcement, and more!

1. Tournament Kit Rotation 

As of today, Tournament Kits will ship with the following promos:


3 Strength (P3-BM) is the new participation card, with Prison Cycle (P4-BM) going to top performers. Tournament Kits are freely available to any store running MetaX events – contact for more information.

2. New Circuit Series! 

Coming soon: an exciting new tournament season at the “Store Championship” level – including exclusive promo cards and additional third-party prizes! Watch this space for a full breakdown of these TBA events, along with opportunities to acquire a kit for your local scene.

3. Tournament Guide and CRD

An updated Panini Games Tournament Guide and initial MetaX CRD will both be released in advance of the upcoming circuit series. Expect the Tournament Guide to standardize round time limits and end of match procedures, as well as provide clear definitions for things like “slow-play.” The CRD will list a small handful of cards with updated text, such as the misprinted Devastating Thoughts.

Do you have any recurring inquiries in your play group? Submit any FAQs to to see them answered in the next CRD!

4. Ticking TTGO

Continuing the competitive spirit, one of the following “tournament viable” effects will be found in the next set:

  • a Character with a “when played” effect that draws 3 cards
  • an Event that forces an opponent to play a card from their hand
  • a Battle Card that returns itself to your hand after use

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