Tuesday Deck Tech: Neo Orange Lanterns!

Find this week’s submission below.

With last week’s announcement of an upcoming circuit series, the wide world of competitive deckbuilding is heating up. While the results from Gen Con proved that each major archetype has a place in the metagame, the tournament finals ultimately came down to two Mill decks. Mill decks can range from Battle Zone oriented to entirely passive – and many pack a “combo” element as well! Today’s submission features the Orange Lantern Trait, and its emphasis on forcing the opponent to draw cards places it firmly in the Mill category:



Battle Cards:

Orange Lantern Characters are capable of operating as a light splash, but this control heavy build revolves around having the Trait in play at all times. Birds of a Feather, Not Yours, and 2 Intelligence combine to form a constant stream of card advantage for yourself – while simultaneously serving as a path to victory via emptying your opponent’s deck. Meanwhile, effects like Rebirth and the recursive Battle Card package ensure that you’ll always stay ahead on deck count – you just have to survive! Other cards to consider:

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