Four for Friday: March Musings!

See the schedule for March below, plus more from Teen Titans Go!

1. March Calendar

GAMA begins on March 12th, which will also be the kickoff date for our live giveaway contest. After that, watch for the announcement of a new circuit series – including details about how to apply for an event in your area! The end of the month will also see uploads of the updated Panini Games Tournament Guide and MetaX CRD, along with new Tournament Kit promos for April.

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Zatanna – Expert Illusionist requires special attention to fit into a deck, but is still able to act as a draw engine alongside most Special-heavy Character lineups. On offense, look to pair her with effects that will allow you to enter the Battle Zone safely (such as Power Corrupts or Batman – Dark Knight) to ensure repeated usage. When defending, you’ll have more control over whether or not Zatanna will be KO’d – but also look to effects like 1 Special (C34-JL).

To see a tournament report showcasing this card, check out this guest article by Alex Truell at MetaManiacs.

3. Deck Tech Notes

Deck Tech will be on hiatus during GAMA week, so next week’s entry is a special one. With spring just around the corner, we’re looking for your freshest deck concepts! Recent Deck Tech lists have explored tournament-proven archetypes as preparation for competitive play, but next week anything goes – with the most creative submission receiving the spotlight.

If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.

4. Teaser Trivia

Three factoids from Teen Titans Go!

  • The next set includes five different Characters with a maximum rank of 3 or less
  • In addition to previously hinted at effects that will force the opponent to play cards from their hand, you can also expect a Battle Card effect that makes the opponent to play Character cards from their discard pile
  • Several new “build-around” cards will be introduced, including an effect that necessitates running a deck with no more than one copy of each included card!