Tuesday Deck Tech: Self-Mill!

Find the latest Deck Tech submission below.

Last Friday, Deck Tech entrants were tasked with building around the holiday theme of “using the discard pile.” There are several strategies that revolve around the discard pile, such as packing heavy regeneration (to stall for a deck-out win) or emphasizing recursive loops (to play a key card multiple times). Today’s submission from Ryan M. takes a more active approach, viewing access to the discard pile as a form of card advantage.



Battle Cards: 

Batman, Robin, and the Strength BCs can all feed the discard pile (along with Harley Quinn in a pinch). From there, Ra’s Al Ghul, Deadman, and Triple Threat have multiple targets – with Triple Threat KOing a significant portion of the current metagame for just 3 MP! Kitz Woermann uniquely allows for recursion of Triple Threat (or Rebirth), which can then be fished out by Research. The constant stream of “plus” interactions allows this list to thrive in midrange matchups, but self-mill always faces an uphill battle against mill. Other cards to consider:

  • additional copies of Rebirth (to create a soft “infinite recursion” loop vs. mill)
  • answers for Hawkgirl (such as 2 Special, which can be found by 3 Intelligence)
  • a Multi-Stat Rank 3 Battle Card for Triple Threat (such as 3 INT/SP)

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