Four for Friday: Holiday Weekend!

Gen Con signups, a Deck Tech Challenge, and new teasers below!

Let’s enter the long weekend with four new tidbits.

1. Gen Con Signups

Event registration for Gen Con is now live, and you can sign up for the MetaManiacs Championship Cup tournament here. Keep your eyes on the blog for TBA details about Gen Con – including prizes, promos, and more!

2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Though it requires a specific investment in a diverse Character lineup, Frustration unleashes a massive payoff for only -3 MP. Aside from the glamorous application of bouncing an opposing Character to guarantee a VP (followed by immediately removing that Character from the game), this catch-all effect can also slow down an opponent’s draw with an inopportune Battle Card (while healing your own Character to boot). Targeting one of your own Characters is another method of healing, along with the obvious upside of replaying that Character for its effect/MP. Finally, returning one of your own Battle Cards in a late-game scenario may provide the last bit of ammunition to finish the game – or lock your opponent out of a new Character drop.

The toolbox/search-heavy Green Lantern archetype has seen success with Frustration, and it can also function with decks/cards that emphasize a split lineup (such as Dynamic Duo and Ra’s Al Ghul).

3. Holiday Weekend Deck Challenge

Deck Tech will return after the holiday, with the Memorial Day topic of builds that revolve around the discard pile. Send your thematic submissions to with “DECK TECH” in the title, and check back on Tuesday to see the featured list!

4. Weekend Teasers

Continuing the holiday theme, here are three “discard pile” effects from the next set:

  • a Villain Character with the ability to play a Rank 6 Hero Character from your discard pile
  • an Event with the ability to return to your hand from the discard pile
  • a Battle Card that searches your discard pile for a card with an MP cost of 2 and places it in your hand

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