Tuesday Deck Tech: Toolbox Scouts!

See this week’s Deck Tech below.

Similar to last week, today’s submission includes Battle Genius Mikasa – but with an entirely different, Trait-based approach! Scout Regiment decks usually break down into Team Attacking or non-Team Attacking variants, and this toolbox build from Chris L. skews Aggro (with a heavily stamped Event package):



Battle Cards:

Mikasa Ackermann – Battle Genius and Mikasa Ackermann – Lethal Force provide the deck with significant search power, granting consistent access to a breadth of both “general value” and situational effects. This offensive slant is further augmented by the hand-refilling ability of Levi, with more card advantage coming from Teleportation and If You Don’t Fight You Can’t Win.

Teleportation’s bounce effect can combine with Omni-Directional Mobility Gear (conveniently paid for by Jean’s +4 MP) to stay ahead on the board, while Eren and Flanking allow for quick recovery from opposing removal effects (or your own teched Evil Parade). The high Event count is indicative of an active, tempo-oriented deck – watch out for trickier control/combo matchups. Other cards to consider:

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