Four for Friday: New Promos Revealed!

New circuit series promos, Gen Con registration, and more!

1. Circuit Series Promos

New promo cards have been revealed for the upcoming circuit series – find out more here.


2. Card of the Week

Cyan Magenta Yellow Black

Hand to Hand has applications in Basic BC oriented builds like the Blue Lanterns or Rogues Gallery, but it is at its best when part of a larger “combo package.” Look to incorporate an efficient Basic Battle Card suite with effects like Kyle Rayner – Beacon of Hope, along with some amount of useful Multi-Stats like 1 STR/INT/SP or 4 STR/INT/SP. Finally, look for payoffs that reward interactions with Hand to Hand – such as 7 Special (C60-GL), 2 STR/INT/SP (C44-BM), and 4 Intelligence (C50-BM).

3. Gen Con Registration

MetaManiacs will be hosting a Championship Cup tournament on Friday at 10 am, and you can pre-register (starting tomorrow) here. Gen Con event details will be announced in the near future (including exclusive promos) – watch this space for more info!

4. Teen Titans To Go

One of these three effects will appear on an Ultra Rare Character in the next set:

  • This card cannot [REDACTED]. The first time each turn you play an Event, you may prep target Character.
  • Whenever this card [REDACTED], draw 2 cards.
  • Search your deck for up to [REDACTED] and place them on top of your deck. You may [REDACTED].