Tuesday Deck Tech: 2(4)/7!

See an impressive Potpourri deck below.

Builds that aren’t focused around a specific Trait will often include a broad variety of Characters, filling roles that range from “augmenting the theme of a deck” to “addressing a weakness”. Today’s Rainbow list features an eclectic mix of Characters, and its overall concept of “Battle Card searching” took Eric K. to a top 8 finish in the MXOLT III (seen as “Seven Two” on MetaX Netdecker):



Battle Cards:

Deathstroke and Mikasa anchor the deck around their searching abilities, allowing consistent access to Battle Cards like 2 Intelligence and 7 Special. This form of card advantage is further supplemented by Robin, with Harley Quinn also improving card quality. From there, the dual Rank 7 Justice League URs top off the curve – as both Batman and Superman are capable of throwing the double VP 7 Special. Power Corrupts can combine with 7 Special for two automatic Victory Points, and it also interacts favorably with attacks like 1 Intelligence. Other cards to consider:

  • 5 Strength (C55-BM) x1 (searchable, powerful in current meta)
  • non-Battle Card answers to Constantine, Superboy-Prime, and [REDACTED] (such as Firestorm or Power Players)
  • additional toolboxed “attack” Battle Cards and/or tech cards that can be pitched to Harley (such as 3 Intelligence)
  • Echolocation (fit 1-2 more copies by safely reducing overall Battle Card count)
  • Bonus: Kyle Rayner – Beacon of Hope (for a variant that splashes a basic BC package and 2 STR/INT/SP (U44-BM) as another unblockable setup that can be found by Mikasa/Deathstroke)

If you’d like tips for your deck (or simply want to see it featured on the blog), submit your list to OP@paniniamerica.net with “DECK TECH” in the subject line.

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